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Claudia Bishop: books
25 April 2012

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    1. A Taste for Murder
    2. A Taste for Murder

      Sarah Quilliam, manager of the Hemlock Falls Inn, and her chef sister, Meg, turn detective when a reenactment of the seventeenth-century witch trials turns all too real when a mock execution leads to a very dead victim.

    1. A Dash of Death
    2. A Dash of Death

      The Inn’s proprietors, the Quillam sisters, face poor business and inveigle television’s Helena Houndswood to tape one of her stylish shows at the Inn, which leads to a mysterious death and disappearance.

    1. A Pinch of Poison
    2. A Pinch of Poison

      Co-owners of the Hemlock Falls Inn, Sarah and Meg Quilliam are called upon to assist unpopular newspaperman Henrick Conway, a nosy reporter whose latest expose has resulted in the warning deaths of two of his relatives.

    1. Murder Well-Done
    2. Murder Well-Done

      Big trouble comes to Hemlock Falls when a sleazy ex-senator holds his wedding reception at the Inn at Hemlock Falls. It’s a success—until his body is found tied to a barbecue spit.

    1. Death Dines Out
    2. Death Dines Out

      The Quilliam sisters are thrilled to leave the Inn for a week in Palm Beach—even if their trip isn’t exactly a vacation. In exchange for first-class tickets, the pair will help socialite Tiffany Taylor with her charity for phobic women. The deal sounds too good to be true—and it is. Shortly after their arrival, the sisters learn that the so-called charity is actually a ploy being used by Tiffany to humiliate her nasty ex-husband—and he is not amused. Caught in the middle of the fray, the sisters hope to help the Taylors finally bury the hatchet—before one of them has to bury the other…

    1.  A Touch of the Grape
    2. A Touch of the Grape

      With upstate New York in a tourist slump, Sarah and Meg Quilliam are desperate to keep their inn running. But their only guests are “The Crafty Ladies”—a group of middle-aged artists who make art out of recylables. But their creative flow is interrupted when one of the ladies is killed in a fire at the inn—and another soon after. Now Sarah and Meg are really desperate. After all, murder’s not good for business…

    1. A Steak in Murder
    2. A Steak in Murder

      Much to their dismay, the Quilliam sisters have sold the Inn at Hemlock Falls. Worse yet, the new owner is turning a pretty profit. But when a Texas cattleman winds up dead on the premises, the sisters are back in business. They’re out to catch the culprit and reclaim their precious inn—without getting stampeded themselves.

    1. Marinade for Murder
    2. Marinade for Murder

      Desperate to buy back the Inn at Hemlock Falls, the Quilliam sisters face a devastating setback when a TV producer is murdered on the premises.

    1. Death Dines at 8:30
    2. Death Dines at 8:30

      Featuring stories by:
      Claudia Bishop § Camilla T. Crespi
      Bill and Judy Crider § Barbara D’Amato
      Diane Mott Davidson § Patricia Guiver
      Jean Hager § Edward D. Hoch
      Nick Danger § David A. Kaufelt
      Nancy Kress § Tamar Myers
      Sharan Newman § Mike Resnick
      Elizabeth Daniels Squire § Valerie Wolzien
      Co-edited with Nick DiChario.

    1. Just Desserts
    2. Just Desserts

      With a meteorologist convention coming to the Inn, business is looking good. But when the town’s new computer expert is murdered, Quill and Meg have to make sure the elusive killer doesn’t rain on their parade.

    1. Fried by Jury
    2. Fried by Jury

      When the judge for a deep fat frying contest disappears-along with a butcher’s knife from Quill and Meg’s kitchen-the Quilliam sisters know they have a new murder to solve.

    1. A Puree of Poison
    2. A Puree of Poison

      While town residents are preparing to celebrate the 133rd anniversary of the Battle of Hemlock Falls, the Quilliam sisters are investigating the deaths of three people who all had their last meals at the Inn.

    1. Death Dines In
    2. Death Dines In

      A collection of all-new stories by:
      Anne Perry § Donna Andrews
      Claudia Bishop § Rhys Bowen
      Don Bruns § Meg Chittenden
      Nick DiChario § Marcos Donnelly
      Carole Nelson Douglas
      Elizabeth Foxwell § Parnell Hall
      Lyn Hamilton § Jeremiah Healy
      Dean James § Mary Jane Maffini
      William Moody
      Co-edited with Dean James.

    1. Buried by Breakfast
    2. Buried by Breakfast

      It’s a bite of heaven—or hell—in the new Hemlock Falls mystery. A raucous group is protesting the planned relocation of the local Civil War cemetery, when their leader turns up dead. Now, Meg and Quill must catch a killer before another local V.I.P. is greeted with an untimely R.I.P.

    1. A Dinner to Die For
    2. A Dinner to Die For

      A nudie bar in Hemlock Falls? Not if the good ladies of the village have anything to say about it. And just yesterday the MacAvoy barn burned to a crisp and a body was discovered inside. What is this town coming to?

    1. A Merry Band of Murderers
    2. A Merry Band of Murderers

      Mystery and music combine in this exciting publishing first. Thirteen mystery writers-professional musicians, singers, or composers all-have contributed an original short story and an original composition themed around their contribution. The short stories cover a range of genres—from suspense to thriller to noir to cozies. And the music spans jazz, folk, country-western, rock and roll, and ballad; there’s even a patter song, for those of who miss Tom Lehrer.
      Each story is book-ended by an interview with the author, a lively biographical introduction, and the words to the song recorded on the accompanying CD.
      Co-edited with Don Bruns.
      For more information, please visit the
      Merry Band of Murderers website.

    1. The Case of the Roasted Onion
    2. The Case of the Roasted Onion

      Meet the McKenzies.
      On their farm nestled in upstate Trumansburg, New York, veterinarian Austin McKenzie and his wife Madeline keep themselves busy looking after a variety of ailing farm animals and pets in poor health. But while they may be able to mend creatures great and small, they have yet to find a cure for murder.

    1. Ground To A Halt
    2. Ground to a Halt

      Sisters and innkeepers Meg and Quill have an inn full of guests who can’t stop fighting. Soon, one ends up murdered on a pig farm. And when a psychic correctly predicts a second murder, business grinds to a halt.

    1. The Case of the Tough-Talking Turkey
    2. The Case of the Tough-Talking Turkey

      Readers will gobble up this new McKenzie Farm mystery.
      Veterinarian Austin McKenzie has met plenty of snakes—and none meaner than turkey farmer Lewis O’Leary. So it’s no surprise when O’Leary’s dead body is found in a dumpster. Circumstantial evidence points to a turkey feed salesman, but the doc has a feeling the guy was framed.

    1. A Carol for a Corpse
    2. A Carol for a Corpse

      For the Quilliam sisters, there’s nothing jolly about this Christmas. Meg and Quill are near-broke. At least there’s one bright star on the horizon: a big-time magazine and television show will feature the Inn. But soon the editor’s husband skis to his death. Now, if the Quilliams are to save the Inn from a lawsuit, they’ll need to prove this was no accident.

    1. The Case of the Ill-Gotten Goat
    2. The Case of the Ill-Gotten Goat

      Third in the best selling IMBA mystery series.
      Before milk inspector Melvin Staples was found dead in a milk vat, he got the goat of many residents in the Finger Lakes village of Summersville. His jealous wife, vengeful husbands, and the ancient Italian widow who runs the Tree Sorelle goat cheese dairy are all suspects. To crack this case, veterinarian Austin McKenzie and his beloved wife Madeline have to learn all they can about the crotchety, cane-wielding owner of the dairy. And along the way, the vet just might save some bleating hearts…

    1. A Plateful of Murder
    2. A Plateful of Murder

      The first two Hemlock Falls mysteries — a winning recipe for mystery lovers!

      A Taste for Murder takes readers to the festival at Hemlock Falls, featuring a reenactment of the 17th-century witch trials. But this year the mock execution becomes all too real when a guest at the Inn is crushed under a pile of stones. The killer has not been identified—yet.

      In A Dash of Death, Helena Houndswood is the epitome of class when the cameras are rolling. Behind the scenes, this expert on style is a snob with a heart of stone. She’s furious to hear that the decidedly déclassé women of Hemlock Falls have won her TV show’s design contest. When one winner goes missing and the other is found dead, Helena falls under suspicion. Murder can be so tacky.

      Includes recipes from the Inn at Hemlock Falls!

    1. Toast Mortem: All new Hemlock Falls novel coming June 2, 2010
    2. Toast Mortem

      The Inn at Hemlock Falls reopens for readers!

      Bernard LeVasque has opened a multi-million dollar cooking school in Hemlock Falls — and has even stolen customers from Sarah and Meg Quilliam’s Inn. But someone finds the infamous chef too bitter — and takes him off the menu for good.

      “Good company and great times can always be found at the Inn at Hemlock Falls. This current addition to the series provides an entertaining and thoughtful mystery with a surprising culprit. Meg and Sarah are delightful heroines and the recipes are a nice bonus.” — Sandra Martin, Romantic Times **** (Compelling Page Turner)

      Toast Mortem review on Reader To Reader

      Toast Mortem review on Two Lips Reviews

    1. Death In Two Courses by Claudia Bishop
    2. Death in Two Courses

      Two Hemlock Falls mysteries — together for the first time!

      In A Pinch of Poison, newspaperman Hedrick Conway is making news in Hemlock Falls, but he’s making enemies even faster. His current exposé: an in-depth look at plans for the local mini-mall, in which several prominent people have invested a great deal of money. Hedrick thinks something funny is going on, but nobody’s laughing when two of his relatives turn up murdered…

      In Murder Well-Done, The Inn at Hemlock Falls has the misfortune of hosting the wedding rehearsal dinner of Alphonse Santini. The ex- senator, looking to get reelected, has brought big-time politics to the little town. And while politics make strange bedfellows, the dead fellows being made are even stranger.

    1. Dread on Arrival by Claudia Bishop
    2. Dread On Arrival

      It’s hate at first sight for two antiques dealers, an aristocratic Brit and a loud, foul-mouthed American, staying at the Hemlock Falls Inn, until one of them is found dead and the murder suspects pile up! Buy it now in paperback or Kindle!

      “The latest Hemlock Falls Mystery (see A Pinch of Poison and Murder Well-Done) is a delightful cozy filled with eccentric characters that bring plenty to the charming plot. Filled with red herrings and false leads, Quill is at her energizer bunny best as she uses her artistic eye to find clues in a case that seems to go nowhere. Fans will enjoy this fun whodunit as the polar opposite visiting TV personalities bring out small-town living.” — Harriet Klausner,

    1. A Fete Worse Than Death by Claudia Bishop
    2. A Fete Worse Than Death

      In stores now!!

      Disaster strikes a mere week before the Hemlock Falls Ladies’ Auxiliary hosts the annual Spring Fete when the festival’s chairwoman—the redoubtable Adela Henry—gives up her job in a huff. Who’s going to judge the justly renowned Jell-O architecture contest? Or stop the members of the Craft Guild from sabotaging their rivals, the Crafty Ladies? More to the point, who’s got the tact, diplomacy, and iron will necessary to organize the booths and settle quarrels over the programming?

      Hemlock’s mayor hopes to assure the fete’s success when he recruits professional organizer Linda Connally and her staff to take over Adela’s duties. But when Connally’s body turns up in the trunk of a used car at Peterson’s Automotive, Meg and Sarah are back in the detecting business! Buy it now in paperback, Kindle or Audiobook!

      “This mystery goes far beyond the usual discovery of a body as all is not quite as simple as it seems…eventually, beneath the surface of it all, this cozy mystery is far from cozy.” — D. Fowler,

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